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Build Your Business To Thrive On Autopilot

Are you and your business swamped? 


Are you constantly:

  • Putting out urgent fires?

  • Running around from one emergency to the next?

  • Only to find yourself restarting all over again the next day?

Schedule Your "Business Breakthrough" Consultation

  • Do you take on more business than you can handle?

  • Do you find it difficult to say "No" to anyone - causing you to spend more energy and attention on things that aren’t worth it?

  • Are you afraid of missing any opportunity that might make more money, resulting in you spending more time on things that aren’t worth it?

  • Do you find it impossible to trust anyone else - so you end of doing things you shouldn’t be doing, instead of delegating it to others?

  • Do you have a hard time prioritizing the next steps you should take in your business?

  • Do you have anywhere you can get a second opinion on anything?

  • Are you letting fear stop you from success?  Is uncertainty in any direction holding you back from making a decision?


If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions...the consequences often surface in other ways…things like:

  • Lack of time - do you feel like you are always behind and your schedule is packed?

  • Not being able to find, hire and keep the right employees

  • Inconsistent cashflow - Do you go from feast to famine? Are you stuck waiting on bad customers to pay you - meanwhile you’re drowning in the uncertainty of how you’re going to make payroll and pay yourself.

  • Not being able to focus on the important but not urgent things for your business.

  • Never thinking about how you’re going to transition your business when you’re ready to retire or move on.

You are not only risking your business but your emotional well-being, physical health, family, marriage, personal savings, and retirement-


You don’t have to.

Like you, we know what it's like to feel like there or so many dials to turn on a daily bases - but do you even know which dials to turn?


There are always the constant fires to put out that stop you from discovering solutions.


Get your control of your time, passion, energy, decisiveness, and hope - your life and sanity.

Build and Develop Your Business

From the Inside Out


"Build Your Business To Thrive On Autopilot"

The 5 Key Areas

Build Your Team: Find, Hire & Keep the Right People


Clarify and communicate why you're the best employer in town.

Focus On What To Fix Next


Find the most critical actions that if you do them everything else is either easier or unnecessary.

Create Positive Cash Flow


Cut unnecessary expenses, costs and inventory by focusing on selling to the right customers.

Selling & Marketing


Identify your unique selling and marketing message and your top target audience.

Systematization of Key Functions


Identify and isolate your core functions that have the highest impact on your business.

To start on your business - schedule a consultation here.

We've gone through the school of hard knocks and been pulled through the knot-hole - so you don't have to.

We're confident this system will work...if we can't help you earn 3X your investment - we won't take you on.

You will be focused on the best way to serve your clients, find better clients and how to attract more just like them. 

  • Create laser focused teams to keep your daily operations running smooth

  • Thrive while having the ability to step away from daily operations

  • Create positive cash flow - get out of the feast and famine cycle mode

  • Have a sounding board for growth strategies



Create systems to build the right team, products and services that allow you to step away from the business' daily operations and run on autopilot.

If you don’t move forward and change something what will your business look like one year from now?


  • You struggle to keep your good employees

  • Your team will have a hard time understanding what's important

  • You'll continue to spin your wheels in both time and inconsistent cash-flow

  • You will continue to stress over the daily grind and not move on to building your business value to eventually thrive without you 

How does your business stack up?

  1. If the owner is the business, it’s worth nothing. 

  2. If the owner runs the business, it may be worth something.

  3. If the business is totally independent of the owner and he or she can take 4-week vacations whenever they want, THEN it is worth money.

"The early primary goal was to find a path to get the business where I wanted it to be, and to target our marketing at our best customers as much as possible…We began by analyzing the business as it is now, and what we really desire it to be. 


When I approach business decisions now, I always go immediately to what I learned from Fine Point.


Those lessons are easy to remember because now they are backed by data and analysis. I have much clearer focus on where to focus my time and efforts.  


Working with Fine Point Marketing was both time and money well spent!"


Paul Wood, Rush Hour Live Escape Games

"Fine Point Marketing excelled at creating an organized strategy and increased my online presence faster than I could have on my own...With 5 million moving parts, Fine Point kept his finger on the pulse of the market, made changes, kept me updated at all times and accomplished my goals...I recommend Fine Point Marketing for all of your marketing needs."

Jason Lund -