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Fine Point Marketing has been certified with Power Marketing Consultants to use a proprietary marketing system called the Power Marketing Program that is so effective, we can only work with one company in your industry and in your market.


Ultimately, you want your prospects to come to the conclusion. "I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anybody else but you, regardless of price."


Contact us to set-up your Essential Elements Discovery Meeting  today at 920-931-4035 or fill out our contact form.

Our Team

Leon Hatzenbihler
Business Growth and Marketing Consultant

Leon Hatzenbihler has been certified with the Power Marketing Consultants and the proprietary Power Marketing Program. The Power Marketing Program Utilizes the book "Monopolize your Marketplace" by Richard Harshaw. Leon has trained under the Owner of Power Marketing Consultants, Diego Rodriguez.


The Power Marketing Program is a COMPLETE marketing system, unlike anything you've ever seen.


This marketing system has helped many businesses become the #1 company in their local market and it is based on principles that have been proven in over 350 industries. The exclusive Power Marketing Program combines some of the best elements of multiple, well-known marketing systems and experts including: Jay Abraham, Michael Gerber (the E-Myth), Steve Jobs (Apple), Frank Kern (Mass Control), Mike Koenigs (Traffic Geyser), Rich Harshaw (Monopolize Your Marketplace), and others to create one complete and cohesive marketing system that gives your business the leverage to dominate your market.

Leon has also been professionally certified in sales by Eric Lofholm International. Whether your company sells B2B or B2C, having a sales system in place will move your prospects through the sales cycle.


Leon lives with his wife and kids in Appleton Wisconsin.

Larry Carey, Business Growth and Marketing Consultant


As an Appleton business owner and former new car dealership owner, Larry Carey has over 30 years of experience in sales and business ownership. Larry learned these principles through his many years of training with top marketing gurus and application in everyday practices. He is a Certified "Pumpkin Plan" Practicioner. 


Larry believes in time-tested principles for business growth and marketing strategies. These principles don't change, and when you can incorporate them when current technology, you can maximize your growth. I used to spend $30,000 a month on marketing. If I had today's technology back then, I could do produce the same results on a shoestring budget. That's what I want to help local businesses do.


Larry lives in Appleton Wisconsin with his wife. Larry writes at Principle Centered Marketing.