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Go from: 

  • Having the majority of your financial wealth locked into your business

  • Not knowing what steps to take next in your business

  • Feeling swamped and not knowing how to say “no” to people and being afraid to miss any opportunity 

  • Not being able to keep and hire the right employees


To Building Your Business To

Sell It

When you want to grow your business but you don’t know where to start, you need a plan. 


You don’t want to waste your time or your money.


You want to work with a someone who can plan, develop and implement systems that increase the value of your business and make it more sellable.

Now Is The Right Time

The motivation for the Building Your Business To Sell It came from when Larry Carey had to sell two multi-million dollar businesses and neither of them came on the timeline or terms he expected. 


And this is true of most businesses, everyone thinks they have plenty of time to build their business to operate and thrive without them.  

The lessons that came out of those two events are what drives us to help small business owners build their business value so that anyone will be willing to pay a premium for their business.

Our Team

Larry Carey, Business Growth Consultant


As an Appleton business owner and former new car dealership owner, Larry Carey has over 30 years of experience in sales and business ownership. Larry learned these principles through his many years of training with top marketing gurus and application in everyday practices. 


Larry believes in time-tested principles for business growth and marketing strategies. These principles don't change, and when you can incorporate them when current technology, you can maximize your growth. He used to spend $30,000 a month on marketing. As he says, "If I had today's technology back then, I could do produce the same results on a shoestring budget." 


Larry lives in Appleton, Wisconsin with his wife. Larry also writes at Principle Centered Marketing.


Leon Hatzenbihler, Business Growth Consultant


As a marketing and business growth consultant, Leon Hatzenbihler, understands complex, strategic plans for systemizing and implementing your marketing message across all types of mediums. 


As a former power plant operator, he has 17 years of experience in planning and systems logic. Utilizing this knowledge, Leon works with work small businesses, who want to dominate their industry utilizing underlying principles and marketing systems. 


If a system isn’t working it can be the downfall of the entire operation. This could mean profit loss, equipment damage, environmental damage, or even a safety hazard.


The same system thinking can and should be applied to marketing and sales strategies. Everything should work together. Most marketing is done in piecemeal format. A new website, a brochure, an online ad or emails to your prospects. While all those are good - imagine how much better they would work if everything was coordinated and drove prospects and customers down the sales process.


If one piece of the system isn’t in place or if it is working correctly to get the outcome you want - the business will be missing out on profits and continued sales growth. Systems thinking is one of the ways we approach marketing differently.

We work with small businesses that are ready to take their business to the next level.

Our process starts by understanding your business and goals.

What are some of the products we provide? 


Our business growth process is a little different from other marketing agencies (who just slap up some ads or roll out a new website) - our main focus is to build your business from the inside out. 


The “Build Your Business To Sell It” Strategy


  • Build Your Team: Find, Hire & Keep the Right People 

  • Execute - What Should You Focus To Fix Next

  • 80/20 Selling & Marketing 

  • Connect Mission & Guiding Principles

  • Systematization of Key Functions

  • Create Consistent Positive Cash Flow


We start with the “Business Breakthrough” Consultation to understand where you are and your goals, build your business growth strategy and make sure we’re a good fit for each other.  


We help you find more of the right clients, the right employees and allow you to work less and make more by focusing on the actions that matter.


What we’re not:


  • We're not an investment broker/investment banker - we don't actually sell your business for you or find a buyer for your business...brokers will make suggestions for you to fix your team, your marketing, your cashflow and your systems.  We actually guide you through specific processes to: 

    • build your team

    • maximize your marketing

    • create consistent cashflow

    • identify your key systems

    • increase the businesses value - so your business is more sellable.

  • A creative marketing agency - we don’t come up with funny or cute marketing tactics that attract the wrong clients…we focus on systems and science based marketing strategy i.e. things that actually make you money.  


  • We don’t wing it…we have specific processes and tools that we put every business through to drive distinct outcomes and results - not hopes and dreams.

  • We don’t change things for the sake of change…we focus on getting better at the things that are working by using actual data.  And eliminate things that no longer make sense.  Ultimately, it's all about increasing your profits.

  • We don’t cast wide nets…we build marketing and business building strategies based on where your clients spend their time, the platforms and marketing that’s working for them. Not spending money on tactics that reach the wrong audience.

See if we're a fit...schedule a consultation

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