Questions About Our Overall Process

What do I get from the Essential Elements™ Discovery Meeting?

After we go through the Essential Elements™ we decipher all the information we get and put a plan of action together for you. We'll present it as a manual for the Why-What-and How to move forward. If you decide to move forward with our help we'll use it as our initial playbook.

Why should I choose you?

We focus on principles, strategy, and tactics using a holistic approach to marketing and business growth including sales and business practices. Most marketing companies and consultants are going to focus ONLY on tactics. Tactics are important, but only after we diagnose where the opportunities exist and where you should be marketing.

What do you guys know?

We've lived and breathed marketing. We know the up to date tactics but the strategy is what is important. Larry has owned his own business and used these strategies in his auto dealership. Leon owns a real estate rental company and has used these strategies in his own marketing.


We've trained under some of the best marketing minds (Jay Abraham and others) where we've learned how to systematize the best sales, marketing, and business growth strategies to help clients make more sales.

Together we've spent time melding these strategies together so that we can help our clients in the most effective holistic approach possible.

Can I have referrals or a portfolio of your current clients?

We don't share our client's information and if you decide to move forward we won't share your information with other prospects. We hope you find that important.

Don't you agree that by diagnosing and prescribing for your current conditions is the only logical way to start?  

From there we'll build your strategy customized for you. So it really doesn't matter what other marketing materials look like - we're going to build systems and the strategy tailored for you and your business.

If after we go through the Essential Elements™ Discovery meeting - and you're not convinced that the plan of action to reach your ideal target audience, with the media most likely to reach them, with a message that's important to them, isn't the best plan to move forward - then we part ways.

How much is this going to cost?

Without going through the Essential Element™ Discovery we are only guessing and speculating on what we could help you with. Our focus is to get you at least double the ROI of whatever that fee ends up being. If we don"t think we can help you multiply your revenue above and beyond our fee we don't want to work with you.

What solutions do you recommend?

Once we go through the Essential Elements™ discovery it will be much more clear on the things that we can focus on to get you a return-on-investment. We first would start with the low hanging fruit-things we see that are easy to implement and would see a nearly immediate impact.


We focus on strategy and systematizing where possible so you are finding your ideal target audience-using the right media-with your unique message that is important to them.

Website Specific Questions

Why do I need to use video?

You can easily tell your message in a way that is easy for people to digest. Adding a video increases conversion by 80%.  4x as many consumers prefer to watch a video than read the same content. There are so many side benefits to video beside the point that people will hear why they should choose you over your competition.

First people are going to know you, like you and trust you from watching your videos. It's a crazy phenomenon, but if you've ever watched videos of someone then meet them in person, you'll know what I mean.

Also, Google loves video, in fact, you're 53x more likely to appear first on Google if you have a video embedded on your home-page. That's just some of the benefits of using video and that's why we think video is a must.

The price is too high, I can find someone to do my website for X?

The last time you had anything designed what did you get charged for the content and the strategy to be produced. Most designers don't even consider the content or strategy to any marketing piece even one as important as a website - which should serve as a backbone of your sales system - capable of always selling and moving your prospects down the sales cycle.


If you didn't get charged for it - sorry you got what you paid for.

Why should I spend that much time developing the strategy?

The strategy and content are what matters. If you don't know your target audience how can you understand what their problems are? If you don't know why you are better than your competition or don't say why you're better than your competition, how can your prospects decide how to choose you?


More than likely they would choose you based on price because since they can't find any other differentiation between you and your competitors.

How can this help me make money?

By going through the Essential Elements™ Discovery & Website Strategy Session - we'll uncover what makes you better than your competition and why someone should choose to do business with you.


We'll know the content we need to show people to move them down the sales cycle from prospect to client.

Think of yourself as a lawyer in a trial. What information, education, and evidence do you need to produce to convince the jury that your client is innocent? We're doing the same thing. We're education, informing and providing evidence that you are the obvious choice to do business with.

Why do I need headlines?

Headlines are there to compel your target audience to take further action. Headlines are compelling because we dig into what is important to your target audience.

Why should I use buttons?

The buttons are important because within 3 seconds it shows people options of actions to take. But it's also what's on the buttons that matter.


By having "Hot button" loaded headlines - things that are important and relevant to your target audience, it will compel them to take further action and learn more about why they should choose you over your competition.

Why shouldn't I use sliding banners?

People have become immune to banners as people view them like banner ads. They distract from the message and the actions you want people to take.