3 Ways To Grow A Business

There are only three ways to grow a business. You may say – no way there are so many ways with all the social media and new platforms now. But hear me out, there’s only three basic ways to grow.

Number 1 way to grow a business is getting new customers.

Of course this is the most obvious and usually every business focuses on this.

#2 is to find ways to entice your existing customers to buy more products and services.

You can do this by packaging up-sell and down-sell opportunities for every customer.

And #3 is to incentivize your existing customers to buy more often.

For example, if I’m an auto service center owner – my marketing strategy would be to consistently communicate with why my customers should have oil changes, tires rotated, coolant, and transmission flushes and whatever other services they need.  And the cycle they should be on– and the negative effects if they don’t do it. You get the point.

The big idea I want you to get from this that you’ll notice two of the three ways to grow a business is not going after new clients…its nurturing clients you already have.  So I’ll ask you, how are you staying in front of and educating your former clients on why they should continue to do business with you?

Get the Right Customers and Employees, Work Less and Make More!

Most businesses suffer lost revenue due to these main problems.

There isn’t enough time in the day to sell enough products or services.

Markets cycles cause times of high and low profit. Making it hard to predict revenue.

Not enough of the right employees or right customers seem different, they go hand in hand. By marketing with the right strategies, your ideal customers and ideal employees will be walking through your door.

Most business owners want to sell at some point in the future and for a profit. Yet they rarely actively work toward that goal with a defined strategy.

In our Free e-book Marketing Strategies Simplified… we apply principles to help our get everything you want out of what you’re already doing. By looking at what you’re doing well and making improvements through sustainable strategies, we’ll help you grow your business.

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