4 Things To Consider For Your Website

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

How was the content of the website written?

Did the website designer simply throw some content together when the website was created?  This happens on most website designs because the designer only cares if the website looks pretty or not.  They usually care about the colors and having cool pictures, not if your content differentiates your business from your competition.

Unless the designer spent a lot of time digging into your business, they’re not going to know what makes your business any different from anybody else.  They are then going to have a bunch of generic terms that we refer to as platitudes.  Platitudes in marketing are “words or phrases that are dull or obvious that lack power to create interest because they are overused, that are still commonly used as though they are unique or distinctive.”

These are words or phrases like: highest quality, biggest selection, 30 years experience, quite possibly the best, residential and commercial, fast and on and on.  We’re not saying you shouldn’t be these things, but I am saying they are all platitudes.  

To eliminate platitudes you must define what each platitude means.  For example, does highest quality mean you have superior standards because you follow the highest known standards in your industry.  And then do you follow a  procedure to ensure it gets accomplished every time.  Then say that and not “highest quality.”

To see more about platitudes download the free Website Design Checklist or watch the 3 Forbidden Phrases Video.

Is the content of your website keyworded?

Keywording of the content should be included to ensure the search engines can find your website and hence people will be able to find you.  I’m not talking about keyword stuffing where you simply write your relevant keywords as many times as possible.  I’m talking about strategically inserting them into your text.  If you have a local business, this should be fairly easy to utilize and get very good search engine ranking just from doing this correctly.

Here is a keyword tool:

Google Keyword Planner (Free Account Required)

Is video used?

Video is a great way to engage your prospects.  They can be educated about you and your services without you ever having to talk to them.  If you can use the frontline people of your business, people will feel like they know them before they even talk to them in person.

Is there a call to action?

Your website should have a call to action on the landing page or pages.  The call to action should should ask the visitor to take the next step in the buying process.  A call to action could be an opt-in form, a phone call, or a download.

Of course there are many more things to consider when putting a website together like navigation and what information do you want on your website.  Remember when putting a site together, keep your prospect or user in mind.  If somebody goes to your website and doesn’t know a thing about your business, you must lead them to the information you want them to see.

Download the full Website Design Checklist from Fine Point Marketing.

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