5 Tips For A Better Website Strategy

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

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First of all let’s define what makes website strategy “Good.” If you talk to designers, they’ll usually say that you need a nice looking logo with some great graphics.

Yes, have a nice looking website is good but: we think your website should serve like a 24-hour salesman.

The strategy of your website should be the main focus. What you say, what's on it and where things are placed is where you make the money. These 5 things will make you get more sales with your web strategy.

  1. Explain why someone should choose you. Get rid of all the puffery and platitudes that clutter most websites and explain the benefits of working with you.

  2. Use Video

  3. Clear call to action buttons - this shouldn’t be a general “Contact us” button. What is the next step in the sales process?

  4. A way to capture your prospect’s contact information - which lead us to…offering a “Lead Magnet.” This should be some kind of education material that moves people to the next step in your sales process. This could be a pdf, ebook, video series, or an email course.

  5. Make it easy for them to contact or find you - Clickable phone number so they reach you fast or map and directions of where you're located.

If you want your website to serve you like a 24 hour salesman and are sick of not getting any customers from your website - we offer a Website Strategy Analysis. You'll know:

  • How well your website scores based on 4 major categories

  • How you can improve it.

  • How well you can expect your website to perform - in getting you more customers.

Contact us here and tell us you want the Website Design Analysis.

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