7 Step Headline Formula

I’ve talked a lot about what bad phrases – things you should never use in your marketing, those are platitudes.  What about the good phrases, what should you be saying?

Here’s a 7 step formula we use to write headlines for any marketing piece.

And yes, every marketing piece needs a headline.  And no your logo or tagline is not a headline – that should not be the first thing someone sees or hears for any ad.

Step 1 start with what actually matters to the customer or what does the customer actually want?  This is the critical piece, not what YOU want, what your customer wants.

Step 2 is to write out that statement for your product or service.  Let’s say we were offering flying cars.  The statement could be “Our customers want to fly with the convenience and safety of driving.” Of course, your flying car actually has to be able to do that.

Step 3 is to rewrite it using a 1st person statement.  So this turns into “I want to fly with the convenience and safety of driving.”

Step 4 is to rewrite it using a 2nd person statement, 1st person question and a 2nd person question.

Step 5 is to pick the most powerful versions of these.  This is usually the 2nd person question, because it uses one of the two most powerful words in marketing – You.  The other is Free.  So this would turn into – Do you want to fly with convenience and the safety of driving?

Step 6 is to remove any unnecessary words.  You could get it down to “Fly with convenience and safety of driving!”

And finally, step 7 is to add emphasis. This would immediately grab the attention of someone that wants a flying car – it’s all about mastering empathy and getting into what your prospects want.  And that is what the headline is supposed to do.

Grab the attention of your prospect that actually wants what you offer. You don’t need to grab attention with cute or creative advertising.  Thanks for watching.

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