Are you pulling the right levers to stand out in business?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

levers stand out in business - fine point marketing-wisconsin marketing company

We naturally spend 80% of our time on wasteful activities that bring little to no value to our lives. And it’s totally normal. The “80/20 Rule” isn’t a rule at all - it’s a Law. Just like other laws, they effect your life daily and in many ways. Like gravity, if you’re not paying attention you can fall off the cliff. The key is to bail off the roller coaster, and pay attention to the results of everything you do. And do more of the things that matter. If you understand the things that matter could you:

• eliminate some services you’re offering? • stop servicing clients that aren't your ideal? • work a “normal” schedule? • make more money while doing all of the above? You can be like Archimedes. With the right levers and the right place to stand you can move your business world. Like our client Paul says, "Those lessons are easy to remember because now they are backed by data and analysis. I have much clearer focus on where to focus my time and efforts."

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