Build The Case For Your Business

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

One of the things that’s missing in most marketing is educating your customer or building the case for someone to do business with you.

Once you capture the attention of your target market in a way that shows the benefit of doing business with you or shows that you can solve a problem that they have the next piece is to educate them and build the case.

Think Like An Attorney On Trial

Think of yourself like an attorney that’s representing someone in a case that could send them to prison for 25 years.  Pretty high stakes stuff!  What information would you need to gather?  Who would you have to question?  What evidence would you present to the jury to get your client off free and clear? 

Now think about your business and your marketing.  You also have some pretty high stakes – your business is riding on this, your livelihood, and your employee’s livelihood is also riding on your marketing.  You’re presenting your case to the market and what are you saying…probably the same thing as everybody else, yes even your competition. 

So what should you educate your prospects about?  How about give them the criteria that they should be using when selecting the products or services you provide.  Tell them exactly what to look for before they buy.

Gather Your Evidence

Or another way to put this, what would you tell a relative if they lived in another state and they were looking for whatever service or product you provide and you couldn’t provide it due to their location.  What questions would you have them ask?  What insider secrets would you tell them to look for?  What testimonials can you get? 

Present Your Case

Start gathering your evidence and build the case for someone to do business with you.  Get your evidence on your website and all your marketing.  Create videos, white papers or reports, ebook and books, articles, brochures and catalogs and get in front of your jury – your target audience and present the case.

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