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Mt. Rushmore - build-the-perception-fine-point-marketing

We visited Mt. Rushmore. This was not my first trip to the park, but the first for my kids. I have been there at least 2 other times. The last time, was 25 years ago or so.

On my last visit, the monument was impressive. What wasn’t impressive was that you pulled into a surface parking lot and walked up to a concrete barrier where you could look up at the faces.

There was a gravel trail where you could get closer that ran in front of the mountain. That was it. I remember thinking 25 years ago, after about 10 minutes, “OK, I’m ready to go.”

Now you pull up to a 5 level parking garage that can host several thousand vehicles. There’s a long impressive stone walkway with tall pillars, each one commemorating a state and their adoption to the union. All along the way you see the Presidents.

build the perception marketing -fine point marketing

As you move closer, everything is stone. There are buildings to get information, tours, and food. That gravel trail is now a beautifully decked path where you move up and down over the rocks to get better angles of the carvings. There are plaques that commemorate the Presidents and visionaries of the monument.

Entrance to Mt. Rushmore now!

Did the quality of the carvings get better? No! But my perception of the monument was valued higher because of all the surrounding reinforcements that this is a great National monument.

The same thing applies to any business. Build a quality product or service - then work on building the perception of the quality in the marketplace by improving the perception.

From Al Ries -

“The truth is that competitive products tend to be similar. The differences in quality if they exist at all are difficult to measure. The differences in perception, however, are substantial and easy to measure.”

“The objective of your business should be to improve the quality perceptions of the products or services you sell.”

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