Checklist for Staying In Contact With Your Prospects

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Are you following up consistently with your prospects and customers?

Nobody is following’s a checklist to stay in front of and nurture and retain customers for the long term. Follow this simple guide to setup your system to stay in contact with your prospects and customers. Get a system that has the ability to put your contacts into. Google CRM’s and email marketing systems - there are tons of them. From simple to advanced. When in doubt go with simple - something that gives you the ability to organize your contacts and send emails.

Organize your contacts

An easy way to do this is by prospects, referrals and customers. A more advanced way is by specific funnel. For example, maybe they opted-in and received a specific lead magnet and you want to send messages only about that product or service. This feature is usually called tagging in the CRM world. Create your messages

  • What is your objective?

  • Stay in touch?

  • Sell a specific product or service?

  • What is your offer going to be?

  • What is your content going to be that keeps you in front of people?

  • How can you bring “Infotainment” to your prospects and customers? Think of infotainment like giving someone broccoli but having it dressed as candy.

Create several months of messages ahead of time

You don’t want to be scrambling to come up with content the day you want to send something. Consider using a multi-channel approach. This could mean using email alongside a more personal touch of a phone call or a letter. Use what works for your industry and customers. Schedule your messages

Get your system loaded with messages that are relevant to your audience. Most systems you should be able to schedule your messages in a series (autoresponders) as well as send 1 time messages - called broadcasts. That in a nutshell is how you stay in contact until the buy or die. Email marketing and followup systems are one of the main systems any business should be using. Without it, you're likely missing out on marketing to your best audience - your top clients. And you're likely leaving lots of money on the table.

How much business could you be missing out by not incorporating this into your sales and marketing strategy.

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