How To Create A Lead Magnet

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

How do you get people to give their name and e-mail so you can stay in front of them and educate them? We call these items lead magnets – basically, there’re things you can give away to ethically bribe someone to give their information to you in exchange for something valuable for them.

Lead Magnet for B2C

If you’re a B2C business this could be very easy to apply to your marketing strategy. You can give someone a really good discount or exclusive package.  I’m not talking about spamming someone, I’m talking about educating them and incentivizing them to becoming a lifetime customer.

Lead Magnet for B2B

If you’re a B2B company this is a little more difficult– but answer this question. What do your prospects want to know about? What do they need to know before they make a decision?  What questions can you answer?

You can turn that into a report, white paper, a book or a video series with all the education they’re seeking. This especially applies if your product is expensive, complicated, or innovative.

Let’s go over two examples one a B2C marketing strategy and the other a B2B marketing strategy.

If I had a retail location I’d offer a discount at the register to sign up right there.

With text to opt-in functions and marketing automation, you can make it easy to get the discount.  They can text their name and email to a special phone number and be on your list immediately.

For a B2B example, let’s say you make an expensive product. what information would engineers and product buyers be looking for before they get a quote from you? What criteria should they be looking for before they select an option. Take that criteria and turn it into a white paper. You could call it “10 things you need to know before buying X. “ Get it on your website and make it prominent so when people are investigating you they will find it.

If you’re in the Appleton, Green Bay or Oshkosh area –  Contact us here to create your lead magnet.

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