Create Offers Your Customers Want

How do you create an offer customers actually want?

And how do it so you have confidence that the offer is going to be something they want?


Key take-aways of the video:

  • 00:00 - 3 things you can do to create a great offer...

  • 2:15 - How to interview your top customers and clients...

  • 3:12 - Don't ask questions like this.

  • 4:20 - How any business can benefit from creating an offer in this way - especially businesses that want to sell.

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There's three things that that we do in this regard and they're not necessarily in any particular order.

The first thing is to measure and analyze your customers from an 80/20 principle to determine who your ideal top clients are.

This will almost always account for anywhere from you know in our experience anywhere one to maximum ten percent of your client base.

We call it the 80/20 principle or the 80/20 rule but that you know because 80/20 is fractal.

It really comes down to if you've got 200 customers chances are you've got 5 to 10 who are who are your ideal top client profile that's who you should start to duplicate.

Then the second thing is you do the same thing for your products and services.

You know you look at everything from an 80/20 principle you know what's the 20 percent that's generating 80 percent.

And the third thing is you conduct what we call a customer wishlist interview and that’s what we're going to focus on today.

When you know who your best clients are you can start to create and refine your you know your unique offering to match what they want and what they highly value and we go back again to the mission guiding principles because you're off your unique offering must also be aligned with your mission and your guiding principles because this should align with your passions your strengths your talents and your conscience which ultimately will shine a light on your unique offering, your unique clients and will shine a light on what your best clients highly value.

If we're going to talk about the wish list interview we usually advocate you call in at least your top five clients. Now, if you've got thousands of clients you may have maybe a hundred. It’s always that one to ten percent.

One of the most effective 80/20 strategies you can you can utilize is to interview your top clients and find out:

  • what they wish you could change about your industry

  • what they wish you could provide them or sell them

  • what they wish someone anyone would be able to solve a problem for them

  • what would make their lives so much easier

  • what would help them to expand and grow the value of their business

By knowing these things it isn’t that you disregard everyone else it's that you just create your systems, your solutions, your products, your services based on what on who your top clients are what they want and what they don’t want and in the meantime your other average clients will benefit as well.

Because you begin to you raise the level of your of your performance it's kind of that trickle-down effect.

I think people get confused by when asking questions and it's not about asking questions about yourself necessarily. It's asking questions more about your industry and what do they not like about your industry.

If you ask them about how are we doing more than likely they’re going to be, “Hey you're doing great, everything’s good.”

You're not going to get real feedback, but if you ask things like:

  • What do you not like about my industry?

  • What other pains do you have in your business?

That’s where you're going to uncover other things.

You know good principle to always keep in mind is every solution you provide must better the human condition.

It's not about you it's about your customer, your clients that's always what it’s about.

We have a set of very good customer interview questions format for people they don't have to ask every question but it gives you an idea of the principles behind it.

Creating Offers Like This Will Help You Sell Your Business By Standing Out From The Competition

How would a business owner looking to sell their business whether in two years or two decades - sometime in the future…how would they benefit from creating a unique offer like this?

Let's first of all just take a take a step back remember what the 80/20 principle does is it creates white space… and allows you to begin to look at the things that you're wasting time on, money on, effort on, people on.

This is going to set you apart from all of your competition and all the noise in the marketplace that's number one.

You're going to stand out from everybody else which in and of itself makes you more valuable not only to a potential transition process but also to your current customers, your current employees, and as I said it creates what we call that white space.

Once you know the 20 percent that generates 80 percent it gives you the courage and the data to eliminate what is no longer important this is such a powerful thing that 80/20 is so powerful that we don't have to persuade people of what to keep and what not to keep who to keep who not to keep it becomes so glaringly obvious.

But when you're talking about the wishlist interview you're also going to get this same kind of feedback.

You’re going to know what your ideal top customers, those top customers: what they really want out of the marketplace.

What they really want out of your industry.

What problems they really want solved.

That should give you that laser focus that says okay here's where I set myself apart, here are the things that we offer.

Here’s where our talent lies here's our products and service lives that really focus like a laser beam on what these ideal customers want now.

We know how to market, we know how to inventory, we know how to spend money.

We know what kind of people we want, serving our customers we know how to reach them where to reach them, everything just becomes illuminated and it becomes so glaringly obvious we don't have to do any convincing it's more of a discovery process.

Once you see this in black and white. It should lead you and so far it's led everybody that we've worked with that right down that same path it doesn’t mean that you have to cut things out day one but it means you start to look at that and you say you know i don't need this and i think that's the biggest benefit.

Well, I think knowing the 20 percent of the 1 percent is important but what's really important is creating the white space.

It's being able to separate you know the wheat from the shaft.

And now all of a sudden you can say okay it's not that i'm going to disregard this over here but I'm going to focus all of my efforts on this 20 percent of the customers, this twenty percent of the products and services, this twenty percent of the expenses and resources.

That trickle down effect will bring some of those eighty percent into this fold and others they'll just attrition away and sometimes you'll just have to fire them.

You'll have to fire your products and services.

You might have to fire some customers.

You might have to fire some employees.

Now you build and expand and create value in your business by focusing only on the wildly important, the critically important things in your business and who you serve and how you serve them.

Build a business worth owning by Building Your Business To Sell It…focus on the value of your business by concentrating your efforts to set up these areas of your business - the areas that will make your business more sellable to anyone - read about the topics here -


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