Cross Out Write-In Test – Platitude Evaluation #3

Platitudes are one of the things you should never use in your marketing.

In fact, even if you’ve been advertising for a long time, you’re probably using them. Platitudes are words or phrases that are common and predictable.

Things like residential and commercial, conveniently located, experienced, board certified and on and on.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t be or do these things, I’m saying is that they mean nothing because they’re overused and everyone says them.  In this video let’s go over platitude evaluation #3 so you can see if you pass the test.

This evaluation is called the Cross Out Write-In Test.  For this evaluation, I’m going to have you cross out the name of your company in your advertisement or website and then write in the name of your competitor. Now tell me this, is the ad still valid? If so, you’ve just failed the test. 

For example, take a look at this attorney’s ad. These are real ads, I’ve removed all the names and information to protect the innocent.  Let’s cross out Hatzenbihler and associates and put in Dowhy, Dowhy and Dowhy. See, the ad is still valid.

These attorneys have all failed when it comes to marketing their practices. They both say basically the same thing.  They might all be great or they might be terrible, but I can’t tell from their ads—it looks to me like they’re all the same.

What about you, if you write the name of your nearest competitor on your website or ad would it still be valid.

Watch Platitude Evaluation #1 - Well I Would Hope So!

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