Demanding and Difficult Customers

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

difficult customers - fine point marketing

"We began pulling data over who our customers were over the course of a year, and which of those were our “best” customers. This exercise really helped me see that there absolutely were groups of customers that may have been bringing in sales for us, but still were not our best customers because they were so demanding and difficult." "I realized that I have 12 customers that are the majority of our revenue. I can focus on taking care of them and then spend the rest of the time on business development." These are statements we’ve heard working with clients. Let me explain...I’m not saying you should treat your customers poorly. I’m saying all customers are NOT equal. Focus on your best customers (your top 20% and especially your top 5%) and what they want. And duplicate them. Create offers and systems that they want. Customers that exist on the secondary level will move upward as they receive those same offers. This is not some short term strategy. In fact, you're playing the long game.

You might be wondering how is this possible? But unless you get rid of the customers that don’t fit your services anymore - you’re not going to be able to take on more great clients. Just because they’re bringing in sales doesn’t mean they are a fit (like it says in the first quote) - “because they were so demanding and difficult.”

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