Client secrets unlocked when they go through the “Essential Elements™ Discovery Meeting”

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

What “Ah-Ha” moments will you have to skyrocket your business?

When your marketing stops producing the results you’re looking for, most business owners start to question what they should do next?

That’s where the clients we’ve had Discovery Meetings with were before they called us. They were looking for ways to grow without adding employees and expenses to the bottom line. If possible they wanted to completely set themselves apart from the competition in their industries. Most were looking to attract more of their “ideal clients” and stop wasting time on tire kickers or quote hunters.

Unfortunately, before contacting Fine Point Marketing, they also began setting up meetings with other marketing companies who focus on tactics. Marketing tactics are the different ways you use your marketing pieces. These could online and print ads, websites, brochures, radio spots, tv commercials, flyers, letters etc.

When you focus on tactics, it’s always a race to the bottom. It’s your offer fighting against your competitor’s offer and who can give the best discount or who can do the job for the cheapest amount possible. This is never a winning situation. Marketing tactics have their place but they should be used in accordance with a strategic marketing plan.

Our clients’ were in this exact situation.

They had been creating ads and marketing pieces and running online and print campaigns. Wasting money and time on mass media, pay per click ads and boosted posts that say the same thing as everyone in their industry and getting poor results. They didn’t know what to do next.

When our clients’ contact us to discuss a marketing strategy, we always start with our “Essential Elements™ Discovery Meeting”.  You may have a similar process in your industry for gathering information from your clients to make the best recommendation of products or services. That’s only part of what our process uncovers.

Through probing questions and uncovering each answer our clients provide, we really get to the core driver behind each of the 6 Essential Elements™ in each business. These concepts are behind every business decision whether you realize it or not. They’re based on business principles which can either catapult profits or if neglected, sink the proverbial ship.

Introducing the 6 Essential Elements™

  • Lifetime Value

  • 100% Financial Capacity

  • Target Audience

  • Unique Selling Proposition

  • Risk-Free Guarantee

  • Principle of 80/20

You may have heard of some or all of these elements and may have focused on them from time to time.  Making changes to any one element can bring you good results but examining them all and utilizing a marketing strategy to employ them together will skyrocket your profits.

By evaluating your business through our “Essential Elements™ Discovery Meeting” process, you’ll begin to easily see how you can benefit.

How much money are you leaving on the table every month? Could it be 10’s of thousands of dollars?

Even very successful businesses find they are missing a small fortune. Find out where your business can leverage it’s resources.

Are you marketing to the right people?  Or are you wasting precious time, money and effort by trying to attract all the wrong prospects?

What major problems does your target market have and how can you help them?

You need to inform your prospect with information important to them, not you. Once you truly know who your prospect is you will discover what’s important to them.

How much profit does your average client bring you?

A company willing to reward its clients will dominate their market.

Once you know exactly how much each client is worth to you, you’ll know how much to invest or ethically bribe someone to be your client. If you don’t know it—you’re flying blind.

A small percentage of your clients provide almost all of your profit. Figure out who they are and you can dramatically increase your business with little effort.

The Principle of 80/20 or Pareto’s Principle was discovered by an economist Vilfredo Pareto. He showed that roughly 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population.

It’s a principle and not a rule of thumb and it doesn’t only show up in land ownership.

It’s found everywhere.

Once you know who those top 20% are for your business, you can then reward, retain, get referrals from and duplicate them. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% vs. 5-20% selling to a new customer.

Why would someone choose you over your competition? What are the benefits of doing business with you?  

More than likely you know all the things you do well.

Do you clearly and consistently communicate this to your prospects?

If you’re like most businesses you stick to platitudes like “we have really great service” or “we have the lowest prices.”

This doesn’t matter to your prospects, because it means nothing. It’s not specific and is overused. The problem is most businesses have a hard time communicating their “inside reality” to their prospects and customers. This can lead to less retention and an overall decrease in business.

Why do some prospects never buy from you? Is there a hidden barrier keeping them from seeing the true benefit of working with you?

The barrier could be lowered by innovating your Risk-Free Guarantee. Guarantees come in all shapes and sizes.

Most of them use platitude filled “Satisfaction Guaranteed” where the company promises they will make it up to you if they screw up. They don’t clearly define what they are going to do or how they are going to fix it.

Our “Essential Elements™ Discovery Meeting” has helped our clients have powerful “Ah- Ha” moments, which completely changed the momentum of their marketing.

Clients realized lucrative niches within their target audiences with huge margins requiring very little time or extra cost than what they were already doing. With the right focus of their marketing message and “hot buttons” for this niche, they had clients lining up for their services.

A few of our clients discovered the best way to profit from their current marketing is by implementing client retention and referral programs. This stopped leads from falling through the cracks and kept the clients engaged with the business by utilizing automated systems to stay in touch. According to Bain and Co., a 5% increase in client retention can increase profitability from 75 to 95%. By focusing on the adding value to their current client base, they were not only retaining customers but getting referrals from those customers.

Clarifying their unique selling proposition helped clients share what sets them apart from other services like theirs. From being the first one to share that all of their meals are made from scratch using raw ingredients, to being the most responsive in their industry and the ability to offer huge price discounts from the chain stores due to not having the overhead and fancy showrooms, our clients USPs are now being imitated by their competition. However, the first to say it is the first to dominate and in these cases, our clients won the battle for market share.

Some clients were able to create new lead generation tools and streams of income with improved focus on their ideal clients and not wasting time on their one and done buyers. By adding personalized services, no one else in their industry was doing, our clients are closing more deals than ever before.

The “Essential Elements™ Discovery Meeting” is an investment in the marketing strategy, implementation, and growth of your company. By exploring what you’re already doing and maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing message – there’s no limit to the revenue and profits you can produce.

Contact us now to schedule your Essential Elements™ Discovery Meeting.

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