Followup is your friend...unless you blow it up!

"Your free trial is over!" This is the followup email message I received from a new CRM I was using and planned on staying with. The message sounded scary and was meant to move me to action. It did. It caused alarm because I had loaded contacts that I didn’t want them to just go ahead and evaporate into thin air. Then it made me mad. Let me explain. After checking into it the free trial wasn’t over. They allow you to be in a free service side of their CRM indefinitely. It was a sales ploy to have me jump on a phone call and tell them to not shut me off. You might be wondering - well it worked, you were moved to action…but here’s what they could have done better. First of all, as far as I can tell that is the only followup I’ve received. They could have sent me other educational messages explaining other benefits and features of using the rest of the CRM. Tell me all about the rest of the bells and whistles that I’m missing. But there is no information about what I get when I move to the next paid package. It’s a big mystery right now. No education. Nobody knows their business as well as they do..explain it. Don’t assume I’ve seen everything. Followup is crucial and nobody is doing it. Educate and entertain until they "buy or die."

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