Four Marketing & Sales Lessons You Can Steal From Door To Door Vacuum Salesman

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

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There are a four good marketing and sales lessons that you can steal from the masters of door to door sales and apply to almost any business.

I have experience in this NOT because I sold these door to door, but because I purchased a vacuum this way.

I can tell you when I woke up that day, I was not remotely interested in buying a vacuum, especially a high priced vacuum like was presented to me.

The Free Service:

Door to door salesman go around to neighborhoods and start with this conversation, “Would you like a free one room carpet cleaning? All I ask is you watch what I do with the vacuum?”

By offering the free service you get in the door. Now you have a captive audience for what the product does.

What can you offer free to get in the door?

Which leads us to…

The Demonstration:

Now the salesman can demonstrate the superiority of the product. In my vacuum experience this happened immediately.

A little back story…

We had a cheap vacuum that barely pulled anything up. Oh, and we had a yellow lab that shed fur like crazy. I didn’t know at the time but the vacuum we had literally did not suck, but after the demonstration it was crystal clear.

The salesman’s demonstration went like this.

He vacuumed an area of the floor using my vacuum for 30 seconds or so. It should have pulled up all the nasty stuff easily. Next, he turned his vacuum on and had a little clear collection tube that showed all the stuff that was coming up.

It looked like half a dog popped into the chamber!

Now the salesman could point out how terribly my current vacuum was working or not working.

This creates urgency and breaks my mindset that my vacuum is working fine and I didn’t need one. Obviously, it was not true.

What kind of audit or demonstration can you offer to show without a shadow of a doubt that there is a problem?

But there's more...

The Offer:

Now the salesman makes the offer right on the spot. No need to call the manager or anything else. The price was presented with payment options.

Is your offer clear and concise? Is it easy to understand or does it "burn a lot of calories?" In other words, does it take too much effort to understand?

The Bonus:

Along with the offer the salesman throughs in a one time bonus offer that expires if you don’t buy now. This creates urgency to buy today.

In my case, it was a bunch of attachments, that normally retailed for several hundred dollars - the key thing is the bonus actually had real world value.

The bonus helps create urgency instead of pushing it off until a different day - and an unlikely purchase later. I felt like I was going to buy a new vacuum anyway, now I might as well do it now and get the bonus items.

Can you offer bonus items or an incentive to get action today?

I hope this explains several key components of salesmanship. Like I said I know it works. If someone would have said I was going to buy a vacuum for the price I paid I would have said they were crazy.

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