What’s Important To Your Prospects – How To Find Your Prospects Hot Buttons

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

To make your marketing really effective you must understand what is important to your prospects, customer, and clients.  We call these things Hot buttons.

This is the #1 way to improve your marketing.

By doing this you’ll increase the effectiveness of your headlines for any of your marketing – your websites, brochures, digital marketing PPC ads etc.

You may ask why is it so effective?  it’s based on human nature,  it’s exactly what your prospects are thinking when deciding on your product or service.  It comes down to mastering empathy and putting yourself in your prospects shoes.

Keep in mind, different people have different hot buttons, even for the same product or service.

For example, let’s use a LASIK eye doctor, it’s easy to understand because they’re basically only two hot buttons.  Price and fear that the procedure is going to damage your eye.

Let’s use the Fear based hot button and put it into a headline.  What would a prospect say if they were in that position,  They probably would say something like, “I’m thinking about getting LASIK eye surgery but I’m terrified about damaging my eyes.”  That’s actually a really good headline if you wordsmith it a little and change it to…”Thinking about getting Lasik-but are terrified about damaging your eyes?”

If you were to use this on your marketing piece the headline would immediately grab the attention of someone with those thoughts.

Are you figuring out your prospects hot buttons when you create your marketing strategy?

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