How do you create a digital marketing strategy for your business?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

how do you create a digital strategy for your business - fine point marketing - wisconsin marketing company

Here are the steps to start to create a digital strategy for your business that attracts and nurtures your ideal customer and client and makes you more money.

The first thing to creating any marketing strategy is to figure out and understand who your ideal target audience is.

Ultimately, you want to be everywhere your potential customers and clients will be when searching for a business that solves the problems you do.

Answer questions like this:

  • Who are my ideal customers?

  • Where can they be found? What is their number one “hot button” issue when it comes to what you offer?

  • Where are they going to be looking for a solution that you solve?


You need a website that will sell to your prospects like a 24 hour salesman.

Some questions to help you create the content for your website.

  • What content do you need to present whatever it is you sell?

  • Why should someone choose to do business with you?

  • What offer are you going to make for someone ready to buy now?

  • What kind of lead magnet can you offer someone that’s not ready to buy now, but is looking for more information?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make sure your site is able to be found by search engines. This could be a whole article on it’s own. To start you want to make sure your site is indexed with the major search engines.

Social Media

Where and how are you going to reach your audience?

Pick the most relevant of the social media platforms…what is your content strategy going to be?

Pick one or two to start of the major platforms

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube

How often are you going to post?

What types of things are you going to post to build and engage with your audience?


I’m putting video in it’s own category. It’s a great option to use since people prefer to watch video over the same written content, but people usually have a mental hurdle to get over using video content.

If you do use video remember you can use this in multiple places.

You can put it on:

  • Your website

  • Your social media profiles and pages

  • Send links to your video in follow-up email messages (see below)

Here are some easy ways to start to use video.

Make one main explainer video telling your prospects what you do and why they should do business with you.

Frequently Asked Question videos - Do you have questions that are consistently asked of your business? Make a list of them and shoot short videos explaining the answers to these questions.

Questions People Should Be Asking videos - Is there something that most people don’t even know to ask but they should be. Make a list of these items and shoot videos explaining things that people should know. It’ll make you stand out as a leader as you’re explaining your industry’s “secrets” to your prospects.

What are some key business listing and review sites for your business?

  • Google My Business - every business should have this setup

  • Yelp - local businesses should use this (hotels, restaurants, attractions)

  • TripAdvisor - restaurants and travel related

  • Yellowpages - any business

  • Better Business Bureau - any business

  • Foursquare - restaurants

Decide which ones you need to be on based on your business and industry.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Are you going to use ads to target your ideal customer’s around the internet?

Some of the major options include:

  • Google Ads

  • YouTube

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

And don’t forget about retargeting and remarketing…this is for when someone visits your website, you can now show them an ad on the social media or ad platform.

With the Google Display Network you can even follow them around the internet and show them ads on websites and apps.

Email Marketing

Email is a major part of keeping up and staying in touch with prospects. Pick an email marketing system and send out education, entertaining and offer emails to your list. I recommend sending something at least once a week.

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