How to Keep in Touch with Potential Clients

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

You need to follow-up with your prospects that didn’t buy but how should you do it.

Follow-up is very important – most businesses and sales people don’t do it or if they do they give up to early in the process. So follow-up until they buy or die.

Stay In Touch With Your Potential Clients With An Old School Method

Let me give you a strategy nearly everybody could use. First of all start with your ideal target audience, who are they. Now is there a list of prospects that you’ve been in contact but they didn’t buy for whatever reason. Or this could be a list of people that you want to build a long-term relationship with. This could be as little as 5 to 10 people.

Find Articles and Blog Posts That Bring Value To Your Prospects

Now go find articles or better yet your own blog post you’ve written that they probably haven’t seen that will bring value to them and instead of putting it up on social media or emailing, which are good things to do. Print it out and mail it.

The key thing is to think about what would be of value to them. Not you. Put a handwritten note on it something like I saw this article and thought of you and your business.

This is the original social selling. Think about how much more value and impact it has to the recipient than an email. When’s the last time they received a letter? Probably from their grandma right?

Even if they don’t read it, they had to open the letter and see it was from you. You had to put the thought in, write the note, address and stamp the envelope. That shows that you actually cared.

Schedule Your Follow-Up

Put this on your schedule and do it once a quarter or even once a month. Do this and you’ll stand out from 99.9% of businesses and salespeople who often won’t follow-up at all.  This will make sure you keep in touch with potential clients.

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