How To Remarket and Retarget Using Video

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

You’ve probably heard of retargeting and remarketing.  If you haven’t it’s a really cool thing that every business should be implementing.

So what it is is a special piece of code that you install on your website and any time a visitor goes to your website they get flagged and get put into audience in the social networks.

So for instance let’s say you install the Facebook pixel and the Google tag in there and on your website so anytime somebody comes there they get put into a bucket inside of those networks and now you can show them other things that might be of interest to them.

Remarket Using Your Own List

Another way to do this is install your own list. If you have your own customer list put them upload them to the networks. So let’s say you have an email, let’s say you have a phone number or even a mailing address. You can upload this list and show other things of interest to your customers.

Remarket and Retarget Using Video

Another way to do this is by the use of video this is really the future of video or the future of advertising. You can build an audience inside of these platforms using video. By the amount of video that they watch and we call it a basically a no opt-in opt-in.

An opt-in is where you know somebody wants something like a coupon or a report and they give you their name or email for that.

What I’m calling a no opt-in opt-in is they’re showing interest by the amount of video that they watched and you can build an audience based on how much that they watched.

So let’s say you have a two-minute video on Facebook and you say anybody that watches more than 50% of this video, so more than a minute. They’re really interested in this. You can build that audience inside of Facebook and say okay now that they’re interested I want to show them other things that will spur their action and move them down the sales cycle.

You can do the same thing inside of YouTube anybody watches more than 30 seconds that you can put them in a special group, a special audience. And now show them new things other things and you get up to like a year and a half to show them other things once they watch that one video.

So now you can send them other videos you can send them other offers. It’s a really powerful way to show new things to people that maybe didn’t raise their hand but they raised their hand unintentionally by watching your content.

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