How to Retarget Video Views on Facebook

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of using retargeting audiences inside of Facebook for your marketing strategy especially if you’re a B2C business. You should be using remarketing audiences to show your promotions, content and other things of interest to these groups of people that already have shown interest in your business. So instead of blasting out your content to everybody, you can target these groups.  The main one I want to focus on today is how to retarget video views on Facebook.

There are 3 basic audiences every business should be using. First, you should have retargeting of your website visitors. Second is to retarget anybody that interacted with you on your Facebook page or posts.

Retarget Video Views Audience In Facebook

And third is to retarget off of video views on Facebook. You have to use videos to do this. The way to begin this is to start with who is your target audience. What are their demographics, where do they live and what interests do they have. Start with that audience first.

Then show that group things that are important to them. And this is where you can maximize the use of video. You can show your target audience a video then build a retargeting audience based on how much of the video they viewed. Today I want to show you how to set up the video view remarketing audience inside of Facebook. So let’s go inside of Facebook.

All right we’re inside a Facebook I just wanted to show you there’s a number of audiences you can build in here today I want to show you exactly how to build a Facebook video view audience.

So you can see I’m in business manager. So if you go into the backend into the ads manager section you can see the audiences that’s where you want to be.

Create a Custom Audience

I want to click create audience and I want a custom audience. You can see here this is where you can build website traffic audiences. You have to install a Facebook pixel for that.

Use Engagement – Video View Audience Builder

I want to use the engagement. You can see again here’s various things but I’m looking for the video view audience builder. This is what I select so I select depending on what your strategy is if you have a several minute video this is where you can start building audiences based on how much people actually view your video.

Select the Desired Video View Time

I would the minimally I would say is at least the 10-second video view and maybe more up to twenty-five second or 25% depends on how long your video is at several minutes a twenty-five percent video view would show that people are really interested in what you’re talking about. Let’s just set up that one twenty-five percent and then we can remarket or retarget them as long as 365 days.

Select the Videos In Facebook You Want to Retarget

I’ll just leave that set just to show you that so I’ll choose videos so then you can go into here if you have videos that you used already just select whatever videos you want to use confirm the source and make a name so then I’ll say greater than 25% video views and create that audience. Now if anybody views more than 25% of that video they are gonna get grouped into this audience.

Now You Can Deliver Other Content To Your Facebook Video View Audience

What can you do with that? Now you can show other ads to these people, other videos even, other things of interest to them because you know they were interested in the content that you already delivered. Thanks for watching please connect or follow me for more tips on growing your business.

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