How To Use Retargeting to Convert Leads Into Customers!

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Do you ever go online to Amazon, Overstock, Williams-Sonoma or other big box retailers?

Do you look around a little bit, decide not to buy anything right then and click off the website?

There are a lot of distractions in any given day and our online tasks often get interrupted…

Do you notice when you go to your email, a news page or another website; you are seeing ads from the companies that you visited online earlier in the day, week, month?

No…it’s not spyware, it’s called a tracking cookie.

Businesses are using it to help you find, remember their products, and online stores by staying in front of you.

It’s been a working theory in advertising that a customer, client, or patient needs to see information from you 3 to 7 times before they decide to buy from you or use your service.

This is referred to as the sales cycle—moving a customer, client or patient from having “Never Heard of You” to buying your product or service.

So to use this theory, your business puts up a website thinking, “Now, people can find me 24/7, 365 days of the year and from anywhere, I will have tons of business.” You take it a step further and run ads on Google to drive people to your website.

They click on your site and stay for maybe 30 seconds, one minute, possibly two and leave without buying. They don’t contact you or opt- in to a free giveaway.

So now that customer is lost, gone. Until now, they would have been gone for good.

What if I told you that after all your hard work, money spent on your website and lead generators to get your customers to visit you…that if they visit and leave…you can now follow!

Just like the big retailers, except in a place people have been known to spend at least 50 minutes of time exclusively every day.

Your Right…Its Facebook!

And as a business you might have even started a fan page to post about promotions or coupons. You might have your staff telling stories about your business to help build trust with your customers, clients or patients.

Maybe you have been savvy enough to have some Facebook ads made to promote a service or product.

Now you can use Facebook for more than sharing fun tidbits and stories. You can stay in front of your customers for six months after one visit to your website while they are on Facebook.

In The New York Times, on May 6, 2016, Facebook reported that people are spending close to an hour a day on their platforms that include Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

That is nearly 10% of an 8-hour workday, spent on Facebook.

Can you imagine the new and repeat customer you would have if you could stay in front of them for 10%, or 50 minutes a day?

The possibilities are endless!

Now you’re thinking “this all sounds great but how does time on Facebook help me if they aren’t visiting my page?”

Here is where the magic happens.

Facebook has created a little known advertising function called remarketing. We like to call it retargeting because it focuses on your customers, clients or patients specifically by showing them ads of your product or services while they are on Facebook.

That does sound magical doesn’t’ it? But remember, the tracking cookies we talked about the big retailers using, Facebook’s retargeting function has created one for you to use on your website.

Now, if a customer leaves your site without buying, contacting you, or whatever the transaction may be, the next time they log into Facebook, your ads will be there, waiting for them with reminders of what you offer.

So how can you take advantage of Facebook retargeting?

It starts in your Facebook ads manager.

You will be creating a custom audience specifically for people who have visited your website.

Facebook will create a pixel that you or your web developer will need to install on your website You are in business!

Your other option would be to have us do it for you. Contact Fine Point Marketing today at 920-935-0435 to see how retargeting will work for you.

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