Who is your ideal target audience? And Who do you sell to?

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Not just your target audience but who is your ideal audience.

Your ideal target audience is a subset of all your customers.

Those are the 20% of the customers that produce 80% of all the revenue.  One of the qualities of an inexperienced salesperson or business owner is that they say they can help everyone.  Even if that is true there has to be a condition that your product or service helps the most.

To help you define your ideal target market think of your last 10 customers.

In that 10, there was probably someone who was easy to sell to and who also made it worthwhile for you to do business with, in other words, they actually spent some money and brought you a profit.

Define your perfect prospect from the list of those customers.  Describe what they look like, what they act like, who are they, where are they from?  Now that you know who your ideal target audience is you can speak directly to them in your marketing.  You can figure out what their pain points are and how they can benefit from working with you.

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