Identify Your Guiding Principles

Why you need to identify your guiding principles...

Key take-aways of the video:

  • 00:00 - What are guiding principles?

  • 1:00 - What finding your guiding principles will help you with...

  • 1:45 - Why you need them

  • 2:05 - Guiding principles help you avoid this!

  • 3:25 - When things are going wrong in your life here's what you should look at...

  • 5:20 - How to use your guiding principles once you discover them

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Video Content:

What is important about guiding principles? What are your guiding principles?

We all have guiding principles but through our process we you know kind of our discovery and diagnosis stage of this. We help you to figure out what are the two or three guiding principles.

Guiding principles are like your voice of conscience.

Guiding principles are something that guides every decision in your life, in fact, it's like your world view.

It is the way that you think and we all have them - it’s a blend of your personal ethics, core values, your personal rules of success that we've defined for ourselves. What is right and what is wrong, what's acceptable, what is not, what makes you happy what doesn’t. That makes the guiding principles to me the single most important thing about rewriting your mission statement.

Because it is as the owner of a business - it is how you make every decision. It's how you should choose employees, that's how you should choose your customers and is how you should choose the products you sell.

It's how you should choose the messaging that you sell again it comes down to your world view of you know and as you and i talk we're not going to get into the religious part of this but there's only two world views you know there's one of God and there’s one of Satan you know everything else is under him.

So the reason you need guiding principles is - it helps you make decisions daily.

I mean it really comes down to that and one of the ways that i put it is you kind of know what goes against your guiding principles i call it like a “spidey sense” or is like things that kind of irk you - you know when things pop up and you're like, “Oh man this doesn't seem right.”

Those things go against your guiding principles.

That's why we've talked about how it helps you to know what to say yes to and more importantly what to say no to.

One of our biggest frustrations that when you know that we've come to realize when working with clients is how susceptible they are to the shiny-ball syndrome.

And it's because they haven’t made their mission and maybe even more importantly their guiding principles the core of their life.

They don't know what to say no to - everything sounds good but when your guiding principles are part of your mission statement it makes your discernment your decision-making process…I don't want to say fool-proof but certainly a whole lot easier and that's why you need a guide.

It's the conscience that keeps you on the straight narrow path to right decisions.

The very soul of your business is what your guiding principles are. It’s that kind of nagging voice in your head that kind of punishes when you break the rules or break the principles and gives you that kind of reassuring pat on the back when you follow their guidance.

Stephen Covey had a saying when he was interviewed near the end of his life. You know that when things are going wrong in your life instead of looking outward look inward and say, “What principles am I breaking?”

Because it always comes down to principles. Principles are the immutable laws of God that's what they are they are universal, they're timeless, and they’re self-evident.

How does somebody discover your guiding principles?

Well, it's very difficult to do it on your own. I mean if you are you're going to do it over a long period of time. You know you and I have done this for a number of years - we’ve talked back and forth about our guiding principles. It really comes down to asking questions and to get to that five why’s. Why do you believe this then why is that important to you?

It's a question and answer type of thing. That’s how we help you discover your two to three maybe four but we believe in the rule of three. Everybody can remember up to three things easily and there are three things that are absolutely critical in your life.

You and I have gone through this exercise ourselves - we have our own you know two or three core guiding principles, in fact I've got the one that I judge everything based on the one critical one.

So it's a question and answer thing. It's not difficult but you can do it on your own but only if you know the right questions asked and only if you’re disciplined enough to be able to be honest with yourself - about current reality.

Once you get some of these guiding principles that you think you have kind of figured out you know we’ve - we’ve done this ourselves and have this written out so how do you use them?

How would somebody use guiding principles?

We guide people in three ways the guiding principles come into play in your business.

And first is we just talk a little bit they help you in choosing your clients - your ideal target audience. They help you in hiring employees - hiring those superstars those 20 percenters that generate 80%.

To help you in solving problems or taking action - by using them as a filter of discernment. They help you to know what to say yes to what to say no to second they need to be shared they need to be shared in all of your messaging, they need to be shared with your employees, they need to be understood by your clients, your vendors and suppliers and third all of your marketing messages need to reflect those principles.

There may be other ways to use them but those are the three critical ways that you use your guiding principles in conjunction with your mission value statement.

That's why we say this is the core. Once you've got your mission and guiding principle connected and rewritten in a way that addresses the whole story of reality as it were everything else falls into place. Whether that's in your cash flow, systematization or in your marketing strategies it doesn’t matter.

Guiding principles are what drives all those and we’ve found this out the hard way. We start withed with the these other things first and inevitably we always had to end up going back to basically this. This is how we came up with this.

We realized through trial and error this has to come first if you don't have this first everything else is going to be wrong. We were just had this conversation before we started this recording - you know when you start with wrong assumptions you're going to come to wrong conclusions and that's what your mission and guiding principles does it helps you to start with the right assumptions with the right worldview.

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