Importance of Having an Email List

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

You’ve probably heard about Alex Jones from Infowars getting kicked off of the platforms of Facebook, YouTube and others.  I don’t care what you think politically about this, at least not for the purpose of this article.

Every Business Can Learn This Lesson – Own Your Own Farm

But there is something valuable that you and your business can take from this   The day after he was kicked off of these platforms he signed up over 5 million people to his email list.  The lesson is don’t build your farm on someone else’s land.  You can rent the land.  You can use it, but don’t rely solely on other people’s platforms.

Use These Platforms  But Control Your Own Marketing Assets Especially Your Email List

Use these social media platforms for your marketing strategy and then draw customers to your website and especially your email list that YOU control.  You may say well we’re just a business.  We’re not controversial – there’s no reason we’d be kicked off of a platform, let alone all of them and I’d agree with you.

But look what Facebook has done to the business pages and the organic visibility of any given post.  It has gone down to down to only a 2% average.  Just a few years ago it had been 10%.  It’s becoming more and more pay to play just for your own fans to see your posts.  The reason to build your own list is so you can send messages when you want, to your customers and show them what you want.  You don’t have to rely on someone else to approve your message.

And contrary to popular belief email is not dead.  Recent studies show that for every dollar that is spent on email marketing it returns $43.  Remember, own your own farm.

Get the Right Customers and Employees, Work Less and Make More!

Most businesses suffer lost revenue due to these main problems.

There isn’t enough time in the day to sell enough products or services.Markets cycles cause times of high and low profit. Making it hard to predict revenue.Not enough of the right employees or right customers seem different, they go hand in hand. By marketing with the right strategies, your ideal customers and ideal employees will be walking through your door.Most business owners want to sell at some point in the future and for a profit. Yet they rarely actively work toward that goal with a defined strategy.

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