Innovation is For Every Business – 3 Ways To Innovate Now

Innovation is for local businesses – not just big business spending tons on R&D trying to develop the next iPhone or a way to harvest asteroids. Yes harvesting asteroids is a real thing-Google it.

You can be innovative and there are 3 ways to do it.

First there’s adding services.

This is where you add obvious services to make a complete package. For example, if you’re a restaurant you could add flower delivery or limo service to make the ultimate package.

The second way is it to name exclusive services and systems.

What do you do but don’t tell anybody about? Even if others in your industry do it – the first one to explain it and name it, wins. For example maybe you’re a manufacturer and your process is really thorough. Would your customers be blown away by all the things you do to get your final product?  Name your system and make it exclusive to you. Educate your prospects and clients on why and how you do it and the benefits it provides them.

The third way to innovate is Real innovation.

This is usually the most difficult to figure out because people are stuck in their own heads and say “that can’t be done or it’s too expensive or too hard to pull off”. Simply ask yourself  “What does the marketplace really want but no one is giving them?” And then give it to them. Thanks for watching, follow me for more tips on growing your business focused on marketing strategies. Forward this to anybody might want help growing their business in Appleton or the surrounding areas. 

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