Innovation is the key to creating value for the client

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Everybody has heard of companies innovating and creating the latest and greatest gadget.  Coming up with the next iPhone or tire compound certainly is innovation, but on the local level you need not spend millions of dollars to innovate your company.  

Creating the next great idea for your company may be easier than you think.

If you are a company that provides services or products at the local level, you can and should be innovating.  What I am talking about is not in the same scope as above, I mean finding a way to create more value or a better experience for your client.  

If you have a paint store maybe it means offering delivery to a contractor’s site.  

If you are a roofing company, it may mean having a porta-pottey delivered on site so you don’t have to use the client’s house bathroom or having lunch delivered so the job will get done quicker.

Innovation does not need to be expensive

An example of a restaurant client of mine, we came up with the idea of having flower’s delivered to their table from a local florist if the guest desired.  We also are doing a specially made French cookie for all the dinner guests, with the recipe for the special cookie as a special way of saying “Thank You” to their clients.

 These simple ideas are relatively easy way to add value to the guest’s experience and it shows that the restaurant appreciates their business.  And of course, we have built in a slightly larger price on these items for adding the service.

Here are 3 simple Innovation Formulas Fine Point Marketing Uses

We actually use 12 Innovation formulas - ways to differentiate your business.

I’ll share 3 of them so you can see how easy they are to use.  

What can you come up with for your business?

  • The Ultimate Business- What would the ultimate business do or offer the market?  If your customers could have ANYTHING by waving a magic wand what would it be?

  • Special Delivery- Can you deliver your product or service to your customer?  Can you bring something to customers they normally have to go get?

  • One Stop Shop- Can you provide more than one thing to your customers so they won’t have to look around?  Can you help your customers get multiple things done at once?

You can see you could come up with many ideas with just a few formulas.  

The key to coming up with good ideas is to come up with a lot of bad ideas also.  When your brainstorming you just never know what you might find.  So keep throwing out ideas.

One of the key marketing principles to understand about human nature is that people will always want more and more convenient options that alleviate tasks for them.

Read more about how to make your business more convenient.

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