Keep the Riffraff Out

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

A bouncer is supposed to keep undesirables out of a club or bar.

Undesirables could mean anything from underage, intoxicated, not dressed to the bar’s dress code standards, or carrying weapons or drugs.

Bouncer’s are usually very big dudes that can handle their own. And when they have to lay the smack down - they are willing to make someone cry in the alley.

Not at this certain bar. This bar had a average size guy that was there to screen people. But he wasn’t handling any rough stuff on his own.

This bar didn’t need muscle at the door. Let me explain...

You see the cook was a Golden Gloves boxer. And the bartender was a huge strongman type guy from Sweden. You know those guys that lift tractor tires and pull airplanes for fun.

Now here comes the good part.

See, people expect to be bounced by the bouncer. This guy was just a diversion. Some guy hopped up on testosterone and pride gets all in his face, about to beat his ass, when suddenly the cook comes out and hammer punches the daylights out of the offender before he has a chance to turn around.

The Swedish strongman dude is there to give drinks to whoever helps hide the body.

Flawless plan. For them.

Not for another business.

You see most businesses operate this way. Except the guy in the Golden Gloves role is the business owner. The business owner shouldn’t be screening deals or people out. When you don’t have the proper screening (when you don’t know who your ideal clients or your ideal projects are) - soon the place is full of customers that don’t meet the ideal customer of the business.

They believe all business is good business.


Disqualify people and projects.

Have your bouncer keep the undesirables out. You Don’t Have To Physically Throw Anyone Out. (I hope not anyway.)

  • The only way to do that is by knowing your Ideal Target Audience and Guiding Principles.

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