Lost on the strategy for your next marketing piece – Let these 3 questions be your guide.

There is a major problem in the commoditized advertising market today. The problem arises when marketing focuses on the media for your marketing and not your target market. To start attracting more of the right customers by spending less money let these 3 questions be your guide. When deciding on your marketing strategy for your marketing piece…you need to start with question

Who are you talking to you?  

Without knowing who your target market is—how will you know what you are going to say?

What are the problems, wants or needs of your audience?

Ask yourself these questions:

Does your market live in a specified geography?What other demographics pertain to your industry? 

Age, Gender, Income, Family Status, etc?

What is the description of your perfect prospect? 

What do they look like, What do they act like?

This will help you decide what you should say and where you should say it.

If you’re talking to someone about listing their house you shouldn’t be talking to everyone. You need to market to existing homeowners.

Or if you’re marketing to teens, you shouldn’t be in the newspaper.

These are obvious examples, but don’t make the obvious mistake.

What to say?

Basically what is important to them? We call these things “Hot Buttons”. Hot buttons are anything important or relevant to your target market. Hot buttons could be convenience, pricing, or maybe comfort.

If you’re the business owner you probably know what your prospects and clients care about. Please don’t tell me it’s always pricing.

The last time you purchased something for more than $100 was it strictly based on price? An easy example for me is a smartphone purchase. You can get cheap smartphones now, maybe some are good but I need one that I know will work with all my other electronics. I pay extra to make sure it works.

Ask yourself these questions to get started:

What are the reasons why somebody would want to buy what you sell?What results or expectations are reasonable for your customers to have when buying or using your products and services?

Where to say it?

Now that you are ready to get your message out, where do you go with it? The options are many and seem to be growing all the time with new platforms. You have a sea of media or lead generator sources.

Ask yourself where are the duplicates of my best customers?

How can you find them?

It goes back to the same questions that you when figuring out your target market. Is there a way to get a list of your potential customers?

Could you joint venture with someone who already has your audience also but does not have a competing product?

Can a newer lead generator source like Facebook Ads or Snapchat be the way to go?

Or should it be an old tried and true like direct mail or radio?

Your target market will decide where to go.

One thing is for sure – your best audience is your former and current clients. Get back in front of them with your new message that reaches the hot buttons. You’re much more likely to make a sale from your old client list than trying to reach new prospects all the time.

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