Marketing To Your Ideal Target Audience

Identifying your ideal target audience

And this is the beauty I like of the client assessment is figuring out who your ideal, your actual top ten people are.

It's easier to have continual long-term conversations with those people, if you can start to get

a personal relationship and find out where do they get their information from.

You'll know what influences them and the people they congregate with where do they get their information.

From there and over time you're going to be able to get a sense of well you know what my little circle of people my ideal clients get their information from these three different areas.

Well, the best you can do then is that's what I'm gonna focus the vast majority of my energy right nothing's foolproof but, at least you know that's where the majority of my top ideal profile clients get their information from - that's where I'm going to be.


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