How To Use Retargeting and Remarketing

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Retargeting and remarketing is a tool that every business should be utilizing to maximize the effectiveness of your website and your overall online presence.

Let me ask you, do you ever visit a website and then decide not to buy, or not to schedule an appointment or contact them right then?  Is it something you procrastinate on or maybe life got in your way – you were interrupted and just never got back to doing it again. 

What about your business?  Do you have visitors that drop off and you don’t know who they are and you never hear from them…And they never hear from you again. 

How To Incorporate Retargeting and Remarketing Into Your Website

There’s a way to make your website a 24 hour salesman.  You can incorporate marketing pixels and tags into your website.  What it is, is a special piece of code that you install from Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. 

Now any visitors will get tracked and you can build audiences of these visitors and you can send them ads on those platforms and other things of interest.  You can be very advanced with this and designate if a visitor went to a specific page – you can then send them something specific just for them. 

An Example of Using Retargeting and Remarketing

I’ll give you a more advanced example so you can see how you may be able to use this for your business.  Let’s use an auto dealer that sells trucks, cars and vans.  Each one of these categories could be a separate audience on the social platforms. 

So we know if someone visited a truck page, they were probably interested in trucks but they didn’t schedule a test drive.  Now they get put in the truck audience in Facebook and Google.  Now we can send them ads specifically about trucks spurring action for them to set up an appointment or stop in. 

Stay In Contact Using Retargeting and Remarketing

Your website is now acting more like a salesman and not just a brochure.  What I mean by that is, now you’re able to follow-up and stay in contact with your prospects.  Keep in mind, you need to update your terms and conditions to inform your visitors that you have these pixels and tags installed on your site.

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