How do you know you have the right content on your website?

Ask yourself these 3 questions when looking at your website.

#1 – What action would you like your prospects and customers to take when visiting your website?

This could be things like – we want them to call us, watch a video, download a document or give us their contact information.

The next question to ask is what information would you like your customers and prospects to learn when visiting your website?

This could be to learn about our company, learn why we’re better than the competition or learn how your products work.

The last question to ask is what are the reasons your customers and prospects visit your website.

Examples might be to find my number, research my company or learn more about my product. Once you have these answers, prioritize the list in order of importance.  Make sure these answers fit your overall marketing strategy and where people might be finding you in the overall sales cycle.  Make sure all these items can be found from your homepage to make sure all the questions are answered.

Audit your own site to see how it looks compared to your answers.

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