Roles Of A Business Owner

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The roles of a business owner can be many. But here are some of the most important roles every business owner needs to be adept at. Parts of these can be delegated out to your team and some can't.

Here are 3 critical tasks every business owner needs to keep working on.

What else would you add?

1. Communication both internally and externally.

Internal communication so you keep your team in the loop and build relationships with them.

A disgruntled or bad employee can wreck a lot of things.

External communication with your current customers and prospects.

Customers so they stay customers. Prospects so they know how you can solve their problems.

2. Keep refining what you do and how you solve problems for your customers. This is $10,000 hr. work.

3. Make sure you're always creating systems for every position and every task involved.

Brain dump everyone's knowledge into some kind of process, so you don't lose a step (or many) steps when someone leaves.

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