The Death Star and the Faulty Design

In Star Wars, the Death Star is the ultimate super weapon of the bad guy evil empire.

It can blow up whole planets and threatens everyone’s freedom and life because no one can possibly stand up to this drive-able, floating, moon sized, tractor-beam wielding, laser-shooting planet blaster.

The empire thought it was the end all be all of weaponry and would finally put a super sized clamp on the whole galaxy.

And force everyone under the empire’s boot. Little did they know they had a little problem with the design. They didn’t know there was a little error that might risk the whole thing. Along came a bunch of rag tag rebels. They find the design flaw and mount an attack to shoot a bomb into a low key vent port that makes it’s way to the Death Star’s energy core.

And blammo - blown to smithereens.

star wars-death star-business strategy-fine point marketing

Your business might be like the Death Star. No, I don’t think rebels are going to swoop in and hack your merchant account.

Like the Death Star, a small hole causes a leak. The leak may be small now. Maybe it’s causing an unnoticed pain. Your employees don’t really see it. If they do, it’s no big deal now.

What happens when the economy changes?

Or when new competition moves in?

That small leak becomes Niagara falls. Pouring over the cliff never to be seen again.

Do you have any holes that could turn into business killers?

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