Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Trade Show Marketing!

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

(Highly Qualified Prospects Will Be At The Next Trade Show – What is Your Strategy to Make More Sales?)

Think about all the time and money you’ve spent as a trade show exhibitor.  You had booth and print marketing created.  You rented the exhibit space.  You are sending employees to talk to potential clients.  Is this investment in your trade show marketing worth your time and effort?

According to the statistics, most trade show exhibitors fall short whether it’s B2B or a B2C trade show.

91% of attendees say trade show’s impact buying decisions because all competitors are there.83% of attendees have buying power!Over 80% of all trade show leads are NEVER followed up on!

Make More Sales From The Potential Customers That Attend Your Next Trade Show!

Imagine this …your typical trade show experience, your team is standing at the booth with several prospects waiting to talk to you and find out more information.  Everybody is able to talk to only one person at a time and answer their questions.  

How many are you leaving out of the conversation?  How many prospects didn’t get the information they wanted and needed to make an informed decision about why they should do business with you?

Do you want to sell ONLY to the prospects you are able to talk to at the trade show?


Do you want to sell to EVERYBODY that was interested in your services in the weeks and months after the event?

Analyze Your Trade Show Marketing Strategy – Does It Give You The Best Chance To Make More Money?

We put all your trade show marketing through a scientific analysis based on physical layout, what you offer, and how you gather prospect’s information.  Does your event marketing and event strategy bring your prospects through your sales process?  

Do you offer an incentive for learning more based on things that are important to your ideal prospects?  Are you using the correct marketing tools to make it easy for your salespeople to engage with your prospects?

We Analyze Your Trade Show Marketing Strategy Based On These Things:

The booth physical setup – are you grabbing attention with information that’s important to your ideal target audience?

  • What do you offer the traffic coming to your booth to educate them further on why they should do business with you?

  • What is your strategy to stay in contact in the days and weeks after the event to close more sales?

  • Is your strategy going to give you the best chance to get the results you desire?

Don’t waste the opportunities you get from your trade show.  Maximize your leads and get more clients with each trade show appearance.   Contact us now to schedule your trade show marketing strategy analysis.

Don’t wait until right before the event…Take this NO-RISK opportunity now – If you don’t come away with at least one improvement you don’t pay.  Contact us today!

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