Use Convenience To Innovate Your Business Strategy

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Using convenience is a great way to innovate your business in the Fox Valley.  Think of the dominance that Amazon and Netflix have brought to their industry.  It’s all about making it more convenient and easier to get the products.

Even the grocery industry is changing their model by including pick-up and delivery service.  I’m telling you if you haven’t used a pickup service yet do yourself a favor and try it…You’ll never want to step into a grocery store again.

One of the key marketing principles to understand about human nature is that people will always want more and more convenient options that alleviate tasks for them.

Think of making every step easier and easier to do for your clients.  Is there a way for you to bring something to customers that would normally they’d have to go get? Or could you add a service that makes coming to you, all they need to do?

One of our clients in the restaurant business added a luxury package to his dinner reservations. The guests would get flowers from a local florist waiting at their table when they came in for their meal.

Of course, for the local level delivery is an easy one to understand and implement and with Uber delivery nearly every restaurant can incorporate delivery where it wasn’t possible.  How can you make it more convenient to do business with you and get your products and services easier?

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