What the Soup Nazi Knew About Difficult Customers

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

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Remember the Seinfeld character called the “Soup Nazi?” If you’ve never seen it - It was a hilarious episode where the George and Jerry went to a restaurant that specialized in soup. He had high standards for his soup...and his customers. The Soup Nazi’s customers knew the setup. The sign on the outside clearly states:

  • Single File Only

  • Have Cash Ready

  • Know Your Soup

And on the inside, proudly stated: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." George didn’t get bread with his soup…the soup Nazi said it was $2 extra. When George complained and said everyone else got free bread… Soup Nazi, "You wan’t bread - $3!" George, “What?” Soup Nazi, “No soup for you!” This is an obviously funny and extreme way to treat customers. But a modified version can work like this in the real world. A CPA firm does this sort of thing for its clients. They know who their target audience is. It has it’s great clients. They know who they are are they treat them well. But they also have clients that want to cut the line for so called “emergencies.” Mainly it’s something that’s wasn’t planned well and now it’s a perceived crisis. So instead of jumping through hoops - they explain to these clients that are in “fire fighter mode” that the wait time is one month. If they want to move up, they can do so…but at a cost of 150% of normal rates. Suddenly the crisis, isn’t a crisis or they go somewhere else. All the better for the CPA firm…they know who their best clients are and take care of them - proactively. The George’s of their world get bread for $3. And if they’re not careful - NO Soup!

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