Who Else Can Say That? Platitude Evaluation #2

Platitudes are one of the things you should never use in your marketing.

In fact, it’s causing you lackluster marketing results even if you’ve been advertising for 10 or 20 years or even longer.  Platitudes are words or phrases that are common and predictable.  Things like free estimates, we’re different, dependable, conveniently located and on and on.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be or do these things, I’m saying is that they mean nothing because they’re overused and everyone says them.  Let’s get into seeing if you have platitudes in your marketing.

Platitude evaluation #2 is Who Else Can Say That?

The question isn’t who else can do what you do, but who else can say what you say.  The answer is usually anyone and everyone.  Now here’s painter that says they have Top Quality Painting and Staining.  Who else can say that?  This guy might actually have the highest quality in the whole universe but do you believe it because he said it.  Who else can say it?  How about his direct competitor that says Providing the highest quality painting and staining.

Now look at one of your ads or website.  Read a few lines and then ask yourself this, “Who else can say that?” If one of your competitors can say it, you failed this evaluation.

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