Why Use Direct Response Marketing with a Strategic Message?

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

The Strategic Messaging Formula™ is an advanced, scientific formula for marketing success.

This formula allows a company to build the most effective marketing message that actually taps into hot buttons that are important and relevant to the target market. Having an effective strategic message is the number one difference between effective marketing and under-leveraged marketing.  

One of the best ways to use the strategic message is in the use of direct response marketing.

Direct marketing or direct response marketing is getting your message and offer to prospects that are much more likely to want to buy your products.  Jay Abraham, who is a living marketing legend, had a great story to explain this.  Jay had a very famous copywriter come to one of his seminars to speak.  

The speaker asked the group if you had a restaurant what features would you want of the restaurant.  People started mentioning a  location, a big sign and different types of food that would be featured.  The speaker then told the group the feature that he wanted in a restaurant, a starving crowd.

You should use direct response marketing because it is trackable and measurable.  Yes that is enough.  If you send out advertising, how do you know what is working and what is not.  How would you know if you are throwing your money away or if you can ramp up a campaign and make the most of the prospects.

This is what I mean by trackable and measurable;

Trackable-What ad did the prospect see to get them to come in, call or respond.Measurable-If you send out 1000 letters how many sales do you get.

Direct response marketing should have the following basic features;

Headlines and strategic messaging-Something to get the prospect’s attention and messaging to show the benefits of doing business with you and what differentiates you from your competitors.  All of your direct response marketing should have your strategic message in it. A specific offer-Make it compelling enough to respond.

There are many options available for direct response marketing that use your strategic message including;

  • E-mail marketing

  • PPC

  • Direct Mail

  • Partnering with non-competitive businesses that also sell to your prospects.

Even with all the all the new technology of social media and mobile marketing, direct mail is still the king of direct response marketing.  

Think about it, with less people using the mail system all together there is less and less competition in the mailbox.  You can make a mail piece that the prospect is guaranteed to at least touch.  If it is used effectively with headlines, strategic messaging, and a compelling offer it will be many times more effective than blasting out your message over the airwaves.

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