Why Use Infotainment In Your Content

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How to sell broccoli and make it look like candy… Last week President Trump used a brilliant example of infotainment. We're not wading into the issues here…merely pointing out things that you can learn from. Infotainment is anytime you can educate using something that’s fun and entertaining. Most of the time this works using some kind of story. It could be a real story or a parable. Warning approaching the political zone: if you only want politically correct content do not go past this line.


President Trump tweeted a meme of Joe Biden being interviewed about his son’s business dealings and that was then intertwined with a music video. Here’s the meme - it was taken down on some social media platforms shortly after due to copyright infringement.

Think about this…the Trump team could have put the Biden interview out with some commentary explaining the picture that was taken with the person in question. How many people would have seen it? A few for sure… But how many saw it because it had this photo inserted into the music video along with lyrics, “what the hell is on Joey’s head?” (you have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious - no matter your political affiliation) We have no idea how many times this thing was played on social, 10’s of millions is not outside the realm of possibilities! The same information was passed but in a completely entertaining way. Infotainment can be used really well in your followup emails and social media. But you also have to be careful not to think only in terms of cute and creative content…which this video borders on. Cute and creative can sometimes be just plain confusing - or cause your prospects to not take you seriously. Infotainment gets the point across - it’s the spoon full of sugar that helps the medicine go down!

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