Why you need to use video on your website.

First of all, video helps you easily tell your message of why someone should do business with you and the benefits of working with your business in a way that is easy for people to digest.

There are 4x as many consumers prefer to watch a video than read the same content. There are so many side benefits to video, First people are going to know you, like you and trust you from watching your videos. It’s a crazy phenomenon but if you’ve ever watched videos of someone then meet them in person you’ll know what I mean.

A story I tell is that my mentor recorded several videos before I met him. I watched all the videos which ended up being several hours of content.  When I met him I had to remember that he didn’t really know me, even though I had felt like I knew him because I sat and watched him.

I had subconsciously absorbed what he sounded like and his mannerism, so I felt like we were at least acquaintances.

Other benefits are that Google loves video, and it has become a major factor in Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  In fact, you’re 53x more likely to appear first on Google if you have a video embedded on your homepage.

You can also use your video in so many places, other than embedding it on your website you can load it to YouTube, your Facebook page, and LinkedIn. You may be able to use that video in online ads like Facebook or LinkedIn video ads. Or even use it in a retargeting campaign.

That’s just some of the benefits of using video that’s why we think video is a must for your marketing in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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