How would you like access to the same marketing system and marketing professionals who have successfully increased the revenue of 100% of all companies who have used their service and all at a fraction of the cost of what you are already paying or would otherwise pay for marketing your company.

Well this is actually now possible using the virtual marketing department service available exclusively from certified power marketing consultants™.

The virtual marketing department solves two major problems that businesses have when hiring for marketing services.

The first problem is that most marketing agencies and marketing directors are actually doing marketing all wrong. This is because they are using outdated marketing practices that either don't work at all or at best are severely under leveraged.

Certified power marketing consultants use the power marketing program which is the most effective and comprehensive marketing system available anywhere. This system has effectively increased the revenue for all sizes of businesses in over 350 industries.

Second, many companies struggle with their marketing because they have to use multiple non-related companies to handle their marketing needs, this is cumbersome, inefficient and ineffective.

When you use our virtual marketing department you have immediate access to an entire marketing agency along with the brain trust of the world's largest international marketing network, which is comprised of some of the most successful marketing experts in the world.

This means you have one point of contact that has direct access to all of the resources necessary to execute 100% of all your marketing needs.

The cost of the virtual marketing department is just a fraction of what you would normally pay for a full-time marketing director in the Appleton, Green Bay or Oshkosh area. can now have access to an entire virtual marketing department for less than the cost of a single marketing director.

Our fee is so low because we make our money on the participation fee, which is a small percentage on your business growth.


Meaning you'll never have to pay this fee if we can't grow your company.

That's how confident we are in our ability to bring new dollars into your business that you're currently not getting.

To determine if the virtual marketing department is a good fit for your business request a discover meeting as soon as possible since we can only work with one company in your industry and in your market.

So, you don't want your competitor to beat you to it.

In the Essential Elements™ discovery meeting we will review your existing marketing plan and determine where there are gaps and opportunities for growth.

We will then show you exactly what action needs to be taken for you to increase your profits and to completely dominate your marketplace.

To schedule an Essential Elements™ discovery meeting simply fill out the form on this webpage.


To set-up a meeting by phone, you can call us at 920-931-4035.